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Meet with our experts, and try out the latest innovations for 2016 to realise to what extent the customised fitting and the advanced Callaway technologies can help you improve your game. We are eager to help you choose the best clubs suited to your game.


–          XU 16 Driver: We worked with the aerodynamic experts from Boeing in order to attain a totally new threshold of the ball speed. We made a speed design for the elevated clubhead that has a low resistance to air and we managed this by identifying the right size and proper placement of our shape and a lighter Speed Step crown in order to economise on the weight and increase the ball speed. Here’s how the XR 16 driver sets the standard in aerodynamics for higher speed and more distance. We increased the moment of inertia and speed through our new generation R•MOTO side.

–          Hybrids XR OS: The XR OS hybrids offer extreme forgiveness, a high trajectory, and our Face Cup Hyper Speed, the forged market leader for the distance. They are designed to complement the OS XR irons.

–          XR OS irons: XR OS irons are easier to hit with, more forgiving and longer. They feature our Cup 360 technology, the market leader, and wider soles. It will be easier to get better ball trajectory leading to longer distance.

–          Apex CF 16 irons: This is our first Face Cup in wrought iron. We took our Cup 360 technology, the market leader, which is the basis of our fairway woods and our irons, and precision engineered the Face Cup to give you a regular ball speed in a forged Apex design.

–          MD3 Milled Chrome Wedges: We have developed 3 unique soles to adapt to the course and the different strokes played. These wedges offer versatility and the selection needed for an ‘approach putt ‘in all situations.



–          Legacy 2015 Irons: With its forged Face Cup, a first for an iron, the LEGACY 2015 iron is the most advanced LEGACY iron that we’ve ever produced. The construction of the face in an L-D shape in high strength 455 steel generates the fastest ball speed and the most robust ever seen in a Callaway iron. The swing is easier with the Legacy 2015 because it is the lightest iron that Callaway has ever produced. The effective size of the head is larger than that of the LEGACY 12. Optimal weight control and face in a high strength, ultra-fine steel, allows for a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness.

Undisputed historic leader of the wedge market, Cleveland Golf offers a range of pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges and lob wedges that allows you to significantly improve your short game and thus lower your index. You will have the opportunity to test the new RTX 2.0 at the show, in their Black Satin and Tour Satin finish, the forged version of Hideki Matsuyama « Made in Japan » or to judge the significance of the bounce in the choice of his wedges. Come and give the Wedge Analyser a go.

The lady golfers have obviously not been forgotten and will discover the offer of the heads and shafts tailored to their swing.

The new collection of TFI® putters approved by the Tour® are also available for testing at the golf show. The alignment technologies of Smart Square® and 2135® which has the new copper infused face, combines a soft touch and hitting consistency.

For this new edition of the Golf Show, COBRA® has 2 product families for you to discover:


The return of a product that has known global success. With KING, we are committed to high performance golf.

KING LTD ™: The driver KING LTD integrates the most accomplished technologies of COBRA. Designed with the finest materials and featuring the most innovative technologies, the KING LTD driver is the LONGEST and the STRAIGHTEST ever produced by COBRA. For the first time, you can see from the inside how absolute performance is reached.

Also available in fairway woods.

KING F6+ ™: The driver KING F6+ is our longest adjustable driver, with five positions of the centre of gravity from the front to the back. It allows you to optimise the trajectory of the ball and the distance by playing both the height and the spin. No other COBRA driver with adjustable CG offers a combination of a low centre of gravity, distance, adaptation and forgiveness.

KING F6 ™: The KING F6 driver has the longest and most adaptable adjustment with the possibilities for the centre of gravity adjustment to the front or the back to optimise the distance by a launch angle and an adjusted spin. No other COBRA driver in titanium and an adjustable centre of gravity offers this combination of distance and forgiveness on every hit.

Also available in fairway woods and hybrids.


Our ambition is to offer a series of irons for all types of golfers. Whether they are beginners, in the progression phase, in search of sensation or precision, our KING 4 series provides the best to meet your needs.

Come and test our KING PRO, KING TEC and KING F6 series.


One goal: the simplest golf.

The products of the MAX range are designed to bring you more pleasure thanks to their large forgiveness

The COBRA MAX driver is the longest and easiest to play with thanks to its design that facilitates a high launch angle with a straighter ball trajectory. It is the same for the fairway woods and the hybrids that accompany it.

Finally, the MAX irons available in the classic series or in the combo series (with 2 hybrids and 6 irons) have several construction technologies to create the most modern product possible. Each iron is optimised for performance, to help the player to touch more greens and to get closer to the flag.

Today, Mizuno offers several series such as the JPX EZ or the MP 25 to meet the needs on all levels.

Moreover, the new S5 blue wedge and its many adjustment possibilities, is capable of adapting to all profiles to get the best from each player.

All the Mizuno clubs are designed with the same exigency and the same attention to detail. Throughout the years, the brand continues to innovate and offer products that are always aim at the best performance.

Driver G: By using the Dragonfly technology, the refined crown redistributes the weight in the head, for a lower and deeper centre of gravity. The moment of inertia at impact is optimised for a maximum forgiveness. The repositioned Turbulator fins ideally direct the airflow before impact, while the Vortec technology improves the overall aerodynamics of the head by minimizing the turbulence. The clubhead thus gains in speed and stability.

G Fairway Woods: A lowered leading edge is positioned closer to the ground for more impact in the heart of the club, to lift the ball more easily. The Carpenter 455 steel properties gives itba refined face, with a variable thickness. This increases the flexibility of the face at impact for increased ball speed and a higher and a more consistent trajectory. The new geometry of the « cascade » sole is more committed to the structure of the club at impact, improving the rebound effect and increased ball speed.

As with the driver, the refined crown allows for the distribution of the masses, to lower and deepen the centre of gravity. It is therefore easier to get the ball airborne, with a higher trajectory.

G Hybrids: In keeping with the « cascade » sole geometry and with a Carpenter 455 steel face, the G hybrids have a more flexible hitting surface for increased ball speed. Combined with the non-painted striations of the face, the Turbulator improves the alignment and inspires confidence through a better perception when addressing the ball.

Crossover: Its introduction means the birth of a new category of clubs. The G Crossover gives golfers the distance of a hybrid, coupled with the control and the accuracy of irons. Its iron style face in Carpenter 455 steel associated with a tiered internal sole maximises distance and control, while an extreme distribution of mass in the heel- toe permits a balancing peripheral to give the typical forgiveness of hybrids.

G Irons: Possessing the exclusive COR-Eye technology, the new refined face of the G irons facilitates the flexibility of its hitting surface for more reach, a higher trajectory and a greater ability for stopping the balls. The new cavity structure integrates the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), connecting the head to the sole. This is in order for the centre of gravity of each club to be low and with maximum depth for more forgiveness. Another innovation is the Ascending Weight Technology (AWT) 2.0 shaft, for more distance and accuracy on the long irons and more control over small canes and wedges.

Srixon « Z »

After the range Z from the Tour ®, comes the Action Mass® range which completes the offer from Srixon® for novice players in need of tolerance and consistency. From pro to amateur, Srixon® offers a full and rich range of technologies. Come and enjoy a unique experience thanks to the choice of exclusive shafts and whose offer is certainly the most comprehensive on the market. Ladies and lefties will have the opportunity to come and test this new Z355/155 range.



The heritage of Srixon® is full of history and success. Since 1930 and with the largest number of patents in the ball industry, Srixon® is heir to Dunlop® and Maxfli®. Srixon® has been the N° 1 golf ball in Japan and the N°1 in the 2 piece golf ball in the UK and France for several years now. Today 1 250 000 Srixon® balls are produced per day to meet the global demand. All the balls are round, predominantly white, with honeycomb type cells, they are all the same weight and are all the same size. And yet the manufacturing origin, the compression and the components have so many secrets that differentiate them. For the first time and in all exclusivity at the golf show, come and discover and understand THE ball you need during a simulator fitting session. You will be surprised at the differences in technology and the performance between each one. The ball is the only component of your bag that you use for each hit. So it’s best to make the right choice!

The TaylorMade brand was born from the invention of metal wood that enabled many golfers to achieve the best performances. This philosophy remains intact! We innovate constantly, listening to the best players, in order to develop products for better performance. Performance is our guideline. We want you to discover the latest innovations of the M1 and M2 at the show!

Since 1914, Wilson has left its mark on sport with its many victories. From the first club manufactured in our workshops, we have established our supremacy in golf. The legendary innovation of the Wilson Sporting Goods Company is the spearhead of the victories that crowned the brand throughout history. Each product that we develop today includes in its genes, the heritage and the know-how on which the company was built.

This year, the new Wilson clubs are for you; whatever your style: sensation, control, or distance. We have the club:

FG TOUR F5 Fairway Woods : The all new FG TOUR F5 fairway woods with the Fast Fit technology for rapid adjustment changes and the explosive and high Carpenter Custom 455 Face, gives you more speed and allows you to reach extreme distances.

FG TOUR F5 Irons: Designed for crossover players, the new FG Tour F5 irons are designed to give you more reach, with a sweet spot of the face widened at the bottom for increased speed in the long and average irons, and a greater forgiveness while maintaining an important facility for the hits.

The C200 Iron series: The Wilson Staff C200 irons push the boundaries of innovation. Designed for crossover players, the C200 gives you an ease of use, forgiveness and allows you to reach greater distances than with a traditional iron.

The D200 range: Come and discover the D200 drivers, woods, hybrids and irons, light clubs that will give you reach, reactivity and versatility, ideal on any type of course.

The luxury and the Japanese technology is now accessible to all.

XXIO® has been the leader of the Japanese market (2nd world market with the 19 million golfers) for over 10 years now, and is one of the most advanced brands in the development of new high quality materials, but above all, the brand to absolutely discover if you are looking for ease, forgiveness and performance. After hitting a few balls with a wood, a hybrid or an XXIO® iron, we always wonder why we waited so long to change our clubs. Nothing will ever be like before, whether you choose from the collection XXIO9 man, XXIO9 woman, XXIO Forged or XXIO Prime.